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28 mars, 2015



I often find myself writing all kinds of systems for my own, and other peoples, needs. But when I decided to make a classified site some time ago I had a clear idea of the functionality I wanted in it. But with a full time job as a Systems Engineer, plenty of personal projects and freelance things going, a family with child number three on the way and a decision to start working out to be able to keep up with my kids I felt that it would take me a long time to write what I wanted from scratch.

Instead I started looking for possible existing systems that could fit my needs. After a few tested systems that didn’t live up to my needs I stumbled across Osclass.

Osclass is a free, open-source web application for building classified ads style sites. It includes a comprehensive admin interface and more importantly, a plugin system that allowed me to add and change the behavior to suit my needs. The internal design seems inspired by WordPress and there are plenty of plugins and themes available to make it fit your ideas.

From a Systems Engineer perspective there are things I don’t really like, but it is still one of the best open-source alternatives around. On top of that the team quickly iterates and updates the application. Both to quickly fix identified security issues and to add new functionality.

Get Started

Step 1: Download
To launch your osclass classifieds site in just a few minutes,
download the lastest release and unzip the folder.

Download now

Step 2: Upload

Use an FTP program like FileZilla to upload the folder’s
content to the root of your server’s hosting.

Osclass, the free classifieds script

Step 3: Install

Go to your website within your browser. Follow the instructions,
and you’ll be up and running in no time!

Bonus: Customize

Have a look at available templates & plugins to customize
your site and add even more functionality.

Install Osclass with A2 Hosting

Install your Osclass faster than light with A2 Hosting! Just follow these simple steps. Have your Osclass running with no effort and in less than 2 minutes!


The above video is one of several official tutorials produced by the Osclass team. Check out the rest of their great tutorials to learn every aspect of Osclass


Extend, adapt and create the site you want!

Through the flexible plugin and theme support you have every option to build the site you envision. Even if the default theme (called Bender) is quite dull, there are a ton of really cool ones available. The admin interface offers a lot of customization options and also tracks some basic statistics displayed in easy to view graphs.

If you miss some functionality check out the official market. There are plugins to extend item attributes, provide additional security, personal messaging systems, payment option etc. If you don’t find what you need on the market you can develop your own functionality. Here’s a some very rudimentary documentation about creating plugins. I plan a larger article regarding this where I will also talk a bit about the things I like, and the things I personally decided to do in another way. If you don’t feel comfortable developing your own plugins you are welcome to contact me.

Some of my plugins

Bellow is a link to some of my plugins. Most of my earlier ones that were written for myself didn’t contain fancy admin interfaces. But after other people started asking me to use my plugins I have started to update some of them. That is also what made me come up with some ideas on making plugins that I feel streamline the process a bit. More on that in a later post.

My plugins in the Osclass market

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